One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what others have to say. - Bryant McGill

Listening to customers

The best ideas come from customers.

Our reusable packaging program was requested by several customers during Plastic Free July and I am excited to be able to offer club members this opportunity to reduce their waste.

Club members can return their empty coffee bags by placing them into a stamped and addressed return envelope we provide in each delivery. The coffee bags are then reused for their next order. Members start with a new bag that has their name on the label. Future orders use this same bag - there is no sharing of bags between customers.

To join the club email me ( after placing a subscription order.

Note: our granola bags are currently always single use. We're working on a solution for them too, but it's a more gnarly challenge.

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The worst of all listeners is the one who does nothing but listen. - Charles Dickens