Socks are awesome presents, but sometimes stores run out of socks. 

When that happens, I can help.

A Roasted On Gift Subscription for a loved one is something they will be thrilled to receive. And because the gift is delivered over several months, you get to remind them of how generous you are long after they've forgotten about their other presents.

The thing is, I'm good at roasting. But I'm not a computer genius. So purchasing a gift subscription takes a bit of extra communication between you and me. The system has worked well so far, it's just not a slick online shopping experience. Here's how it's done, regardless of if you are a current Roasted On Club member or new to the scene:

Step 1. Shop on the website just like you normally would.

Step 2: Proceed to checkout. Here's the important bit. Are you concentrating? You need to.

Step 3. Enter YOUR email address at checkout. Not theirs. Yours. If you enter theirs, the surprise will be ruined because they will receive the order confirmation emails. We don't want that. 

Step 4: Enter THEIR name and address into the shipping details. Not yours. If you enter yours, then guess where I'm going to be sending their gifts? Your place. We don't want that.

Step 5: Complete checkout and pay me some sweet, sweet money. 

Step 6: An order confirmation will automatically be emailed to you. The email will probably get your name wrong - it will be addressed to the gift recipient. Computers, eh?

Step 7: Reply to the order confirmation email telling me it is a gift subscription and how long you want it to go for. You can say something like "Hey Nick, my name is Bob and I bought this subscription as a gift for my friend Sally. I want it to go for 3 months and then please stop it. Thanks, Bob"

Step 8: You will get charged each month for the subscription and you will receive all the order related emails. That's the cool thing about how I do it - you don't pay for the gift all at once - the cost of the gift gets spread out.

Step 9: I will end the subscription when you first asked me to. That way you don't keep getting charged for it. The truth is - you actually have the power to log into the customer portal and make changes to the subscription (e.g. skip orders or cancel) because the subscription is linked to your email address. If you are a current Club Member, when you log into the customer portal you will see 2 subscriptions - yours and theirs (check the shipping address for which is which).

Step 10: Their first order will be shipped out along with all Club Members orders (about the 20th of each month). I have been recording short "welcome to the club" videos for each gift recipient as they seem a bit more personal than a gift certificate. I record them, then send you a link to the video on YouTube, and then you can share the video with them whenever suits you. If you can give me a few days advance notice of when you need the video that helps.

Look, I told you it wasn't a slick online shopping experience. But it's not rocket surgery either, and together we can make up for the lack of socks.

Happy gifting,