Can I get a discount for multiple bags?
Unlike most companies, we don't offer discounts on 500g or 1kg quantities. The reason for this is that we have set our single bag prices based on 1kg quantities. We want to encourage you to buy the right amount of coffee or granola regularly, rather than as much as possible now and then. This also provides consistency in pricing, for example, if you want to increase your monthly quantity of coffee from 1kg to 1.25kg then you simply add another 250g bag and the price per kg remains the same.

Can I get my coffee in larger bags?
Yes, just send me an email (nick@roastedon.com.au) after you place your order and we can pack it in 500g or 1kg bags to reduce packaging.

Is your coffee organic and fair trade?
We change our coffee regularly, sometimes it comes with certifications but not always. We will note any certifications on the coffee product page.

Do you accept returns?
If you are not happy with our products, we will give you a full refund. We don't need the products returned for this to happen though.

Do you make the products yourself?
We sure do! 

I want to purchase as a gift, is it possible?
Of course! Just send me an email (nick@roastedon.com.au) and I will happily assist you in setting up a gift-subscription or one-off order.

Can I receive shipments more regularly?
The way to achieve this is by setting up more than one subscription. For example, you can have two different monthly subscriptions that recur two weeks apart. Just send me an email (nick@roastedon.com.au) and I will happily assist you in setting this up.

Do I have to commit to anything when subscribing?
Nope! You can delay or skip shipments whenever you want, and you will not be charged for that shipment until it occurs. Three days prior to sending you your order, you’ll receive an email with a link to where you can delay, skip or cancel your subscription.

Can I sell your products in my store?
We're single-minded about getting our products to customers as soon after they are roasted as possible. This means that we only sell directly to customers and do not offer our products for resale. However, if you wish to use our granola as part of your menu where we can be confident that it will be served fresh then we would be delighted to support you in this.