Environmental Objections To ReUsable Coffee Bags

First up, I understand that this is not a perfect system.

One obvious objection is that having coffee delivered uses fuel which increases carbon emissions. To manage this, our courier company offsets carbon emissions on all deliveries. The return envelope is catching a ride in a postal van that was going to the post box anyway, so there is no additional environmental impact from the return journey.

Another possible objection is that the courier bag will contribute waste, and this is a fair objection. We will also be trialling re-using those bags (carefully folded they will also fit in the return envelope). We should be able to get a few uses out of them on average. These bags do contribute waste, but they are easy to recycle. Good compostable courier bags are also appearing on the market and once we have used up our current stock of branded courier bags we will be switching.

While putting together the final plan for this program, I put up a post on our Facebook Page that started with “The most environmentally friendly coffee is the one you never drink.” The message was clear – if you really want to minimise your impact on the environment then drink water instead of coffee. The solution we are offering is for those who want to enjoy coffee and reduce their impact on the environment.

So for the coffee drinkers who want to make a difference, consider signing up for a coffee subscription. You’ll get ultra-fresh specialty coffee delivered to your doorstep. And in one small way, you’ll get the opportunity to reduce your environmental impact. And if your office also wants to get involved, and it uses at least 5 kg of coffee a month, then I’ll give you a free personal subscription as a way of saying thanks.