Hey there!

In the photo that's me, Nick, behind the table. And in front, pretending to be a customer? That's my wife, Erin.

Often my Dad, Phil, might be out the front talking to customers. Yeah, we're a pretty big corporation.

What are we doing, and more importantly, why?

We're giving coffee tastings in the Adelaide Hills!

I know right, another coffee roaster. How many do we really need?

Well, I think one more. Or at least that's what I thought before I started the business. 

So, I started it, and now there's one more coffee roaster. Here's why.

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The secrets out.

Coffee that's fresh is super delicious. It's even more delicious than regular coffee, which is already pretty tasty.

I only found out about this when I started roasting coffee at home, and I'd been drinking coffee for ages. I wondered if other people knew about how delightful fresh coffee is.

I started talking to people. Turns out most people don't. Seemed like the coffee industry was keeping it a secret.

Perhaps it's more convenient for supermarkets that way?

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