220g Single Origin Coffee

A medium roasted coffee from Colombia. This coffee comes from several farmer cooperatives in the Southern Highlands of the Huila region, surrounding Pitalito and San Agustin.

Coffee is collected from a few hundred farmers, where the average size of a farm is around 3-4 hectares. After the coffee is received, it's processed and put through a rigorous QC system, where coffee with a specific flavour profile is isolated.

Colombian coffees have a vast range of flavours, from the heavier, chocolatier coffees through to jammy, sweet, fruity lots. I am roasting this to bring out some of the heavier flavours so it has more body with a muted acidity. But as always, trust your palate, decide for yourself and enjoy the experience.

Sold in 220g increments - if you want more simply order multiple bags as I do the same per kg pricing regardless of quantity. This way, smaller amounts are reasonably priced.

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