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Beans for the next generation of coffee lovers... Shade-grown single-origin coffee with free access to the Reusable Bag Program. One tree planted by Trees For Life with every bag purchased. What's not to love!

Shade-grown coffee is better for the environment, better for soil fertility and better for farmers. By choosing Oliver's Roast you will help future generations enjoy more speciality coffee and explore more wild places.

What is shade-grown coffee?

Shade-grown coffee is produced from coffee plants grown under a canopy of trees. It promotes natural ecological relationships and is an offshoot of agricultural permaculture.

How do shade trees help?

The forest-like structure of shade coffee farms provides habitat for a great number of migratory and resident birds, reptiles, ants, butterflies, bats, plants and other organisms. Of all agricultural land uses, shade-grown coffee is most likely the crop that supports the highest diversity of migratory birds, native flora and fauna.

Deep-rooted shade trees recover soil nutrients from deeper soil horizons and transport them to their leaves. When the leaves fall and rot, they provide organic matter or manure which is released to the coffee plantation. This organic matter improves the soil texture and water retention thus availing the much-needed water to the coffee.

Shade trees can reduce the need for artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Shade trees are often leguminous, meaning they fix nitrogen in the soil. With natural nitrogen-fixing, the need for fertilizer is reduced.

Simultaneously, shade trees obscure sunlight and make it harder for weeds to grow, reducing the need for herbicides. Often, when shade trees are removed, weeds spread more quickly because they have less competition for both sunlight and nutrients.

Shade trees can provide a natural habitat for the insect ecosystems that keep a variety of pests and diseases from becoming farm-wide epidemics. As such, fewer pesticides are needed.

Reusable Bag Program

Oliver's Roast subscribers can choose to join the Reuse program free of charge. (It's optional, and you can read all the details here.)

A new tree with every bag

Shade-grown coffee is great for the environment in producing countries but Oliver's Roast goes one step further and makes a positive impact on the South Australian environment. For every bag sold Trees For Life will plant a tree to help revegetate our land. More places to bushwalk, more trails to run, more wild things close to home.

Who's Oliver?

Oliver is our son, born in 2020, and this product is for his generation.

Currently available in 1kg bags and whole bean only.

Orders despatched on the 20th of the month. Reply to your order confirmation email to request Reusable Bags.

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