The new home of Adelaide Hills creators

The new home of Adelaide Hills creators

Atelier Crafers is a one of a kind destination. It's hard to describe.

Coffee - tick.

Food - tick.

Wine - tick. 

Cocktails - tick.

A centre for artists - tick. 

And it's this last characteristic that makes it so intriguing. Without it's focus on the arts, it would be a great place for a drink and something to eat by a wood fire. Which is cool, but not unique in the Adelaide Hills. It's the fact that it is (tastefully) packed with artwork and original craftsmanship that makes Atelier's special.

There are loads of talented painters, but also wood carvings, jewellery, textiles and rugs, and too many other types of art to mention.

It's tucked away from the main road through Crafers, but not hard to find. Check it out.