The home of South Australia’s favourite bubbles

There’s no shortage of sparkling wine in the Adelaide Hills. By far the most successful has been Bird in Hand’s entry level drop, and with good reason. It’s easy drinking and at a price point that means you can enjoy it without wincing at the cost. Also, if you want to buy some, you can go to every bottle shop in the state and pull a bottle out of the fridge. Sources report that it outsells every other SA sparkling wine by a million to one. The wine has been so successful that it has spurned a host of ‘me too’ competitors. I have seen wines advertised as “Bird in Hand for adults” (there is no better sign of success in SA than being the tall poppy).

To a certain extent they have been so successful with this wine, that all their other offerings could feel like they’re just there to pad out the wine list. Like the difficult second albums that break out bands always battle, they haven’t been able to back up level of success the sparkling has had with a different wine. However, it’s well worth tasting the rest of the range as there is plenty of other high-quality wines to be drunk.

The winery is also a stunning venue to kick back on a sunny afternoon. They host regular concerts and are one of the places to be seen at during the annual Crush Festival. The restaurant has recently upped their game and should be on your list in 2018. You can even have a wedding there and turn up in a helicopter. Because why the hell not.

The best times to go are weekdays or in the morning on weekends. On a Saturday afternoon the winery does struggle to balance being good hosts and asking out of hand wine tours to move on.