Results Of Courier Bag Survey

About a month ago I surveyed a selection of customers on how much they valued branded courier bags. There was a resounding answer of “don’t waste your money on them”, with just a handful of people in favour of branded bags. I do wonder if I wasn’t clear enough and the question was interpreted by some people as the product bags (rather than plastic delivery bags).

Anyway, the feedback has ruled out me buying any more branded courier bags in the foreseeable future. I’m glad I asked, and thanks to everyone who took the time to get back to me. It is a topic I will be continuing to get new customer feedback on, so I can stay focussed on what you want, rather than what makes me feel like I have a fancy business.

Note that I do still have some branded courier bags in an extra-large size, so they will still get used up on big orders.

There was also a strong sense of disdain for courier bags in general – much like single use supermarket bags (now phased out). Some of you may have already received a green compostable courier bag from me and I’m going to be continuing to experiment with different bag options.

There is another compostable option that I have ordered an initial 100 samples of that I will experiment with, and I’ll continue to use my current stocks of regular plastic bags until they run out. This new option is black and I’ll be keen to hear feedback on them, especially in regards to granola customers – hopefully they don’t cause the contents to heat up too much if left in the sun. Heat won’t harm the granola, but it may loosen up some of the “crunchy bits”.

Most people won’t read this far, but I wanted to share this level of detail on my packaging decisions because I know that those of you who do care, really care. Having spent over 6 years in the packaging industry I know that it is always more complex than it may seem. I may never get a perfect solution, but will keep experimenting and chipping away at this problem.

I hope to involve customers in more decisions as I grow this business. After all, the business exists to serve you.




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