PNG Eastern Highlands Organic

I'm excited to announce the next coffee in our line up! It's travelled down mountains (that were 2km above sea level!) and across seas to get here.

Hailing from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, the latest beans are a great example of a high-quality traceable small-holder coffee.

Rugged and wild, PNG’s Eastern Highlands produce an array of incredibly unique coffees. Harvest in the East typically starts around May and ends around August and often into September. This is due to its lofty altitude that towers above 2200masl in many growing areas.

Konkua is a small cooperative and village and is 100% certified organic. It's also the beneficiary of several quality development programs through PNG's central coffee governing body the 'Coffee Industry Corporation'.

They are now drying much of their coffees on African-style raised beds while adopting a whole host of better production practices including picking, sorting, centralised pulping, fermentation and washing. Thanks to these improvements their production quality has gone from strength to strength.

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