How to store your coffee

You can store coffee in the fridge or freezer if you take the appropriate precautions, but it can lead to condensation and spoilage if you're not careful.

The colder coffee is kept, the slower the staling process and so the longer it lasts. Lower temperatures slow the movement of molecules. However, when cold objects come into contact with warmer air, condensation forms. Think about last time you pulled a bottle of cold water out of the fridge. After a short period, water droplets formed on the outside of the bottle.

This is because warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. So when warm air comes into contact with the cold item, it cools down and leaves moisture behind in the form of condensation.

If moisture forms on coffee it greatly reduces its quality. So to avoid this, if storing in the fridge or freezer, you need to let the whole bag (including the contents) warm up to room temperate before opening. Once the bag is opened, I’d recommend keeping in the cupboard.

As a side note, you may see small spots of “moisture” on coffee beans even when they have not been exposed to temperature changes as described above. These are spots of coffee oils which get released by the beans and are not something to be concerned about.

Having said all of that, because we ship out coffee so fresh, it’s perfectly fine to store it in the cupboard.