Dessert night at Red Cacao

Red Cacao is the name of a chocolate lover’s paradise, nestled just off Stirling’s main street. The owner and chocolatier, Marcus, is a true Adelaide Hills success story. His passion for chocolate started years ago as he worked in South Australia’s top restaurants as a patisserie chef. For nearly 5 years he travelled Europe to learn from the experts, before opening up shop in the heart of Stirling to share what he'd learnt. He didn’t take long to outgrow the original shop, and has recently renovated to make more room for the growing numbers of fans. Red Cacao now joins Haighs and Steven ter Horst in SA’s top shelf chocolate producers.

Friday night is “dessert night” at Red Cacao and we make room for it as often as possible. The tasting plate for 2 is comfortably enough for 4 and it’s refreshing to have staff that encourage you to take the leftovers home. The pick of the drinks is the Aztec hot chocolate which has spices that give it a gentle heat at the back of the mouth and add complexity and depth of flavour. I’m a sucker for dark chocolate and theirs is second to none. The staff could not be friendlier, but I guess if you work at a chocolate shop you’re always going to be pretty happy to go to work.