Can I buy a bigger size bag?

So I’m a bit different from other roasters when it comes to quantity. Companies charging high prices for small quantities always annoys me as a customer. So I’ve tried to take a different approach. It takes a bit of explaining so apologies in advance!

I’ll pick on a Melbourne coffee roaster to give an example of industry standard (although this is true of all other roasters). Their single origin Colombian is currently selling for $58 / kg ($66 with shipping), but if you just want 250g then you have to pay $17 ($25 with shipping) - the equivalent of $68 / kg. That’s quite a discrepancy from the 1kg price. I know that’s industry standard, but still, I don’t think it’s the best way.

So, for better or worse, I just have the 220g increment and price it based on “per kilo pricing”. Then to order more, it’s just a matter of ordering multiple 220g increments. This confuses lots of people but it is done with the customer in mind.

A key benefit of per kg pricing comes into play with my monthly subscribers. If someone was subscribed to 4x220g a month but decided they needed a bit more, then the extra bag costs the same as their others. If I used industry standard pricing then they would get stung with a high price for the small increase, which is kinda crazy given they want to buy more. Small increments at per kg pricing is perfect for monthly subscriptions.

The reason my increments are in 220g, rather than the more obvious 250g, is for shipping efficiency. E.g. I can ship 4 x 220g in a 1kg satchel, but I can’t ship 4 x 250g in a 1kg satchel because of the packaging weight.

As for the physical bags - when someone buys 4 x 220g increments then they will receive it in 2 lager bags instead of 4 small bags (although 4 small bags can be supplied if preferred).

Writing all that out makes me realise just how complicated my logic is - but it’s all with the customer in mind I promise :)

Hope that helps explain the method behind my madness. If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of this method, click here to purchase coffee beans.