The perfect start to the day
"The combo of freshly ground coffee from Roasted On with my favourite granola - also from RO - certainly sets the day off well! I find it very hard not to add an extra large scoop of the granola on top of my yoghurt. And to be honest - it makes a pretty good snack for the afternoon sugar-low too..."
Ina S.
Thanks Ina - glad you're still enjoying it! - Roasted On
"The freshest, creamyest coffee we’ve had in a long time! Thank you 😊 "
Karenna D.
I’ve started hiding it
"It really needs to come in camouflaged packaging so my daughter won’t know what it is. Seriously good and keeps you interested from the first bit to the last."
David G.
Rediscovered my love for coffee
"The fresh beans smelt awesome and to truly appreciate the flavor I knew I had to buy a new coffee machine, well I needed to anyway! Once dialed in and loaded with the single origin coffee beans I pushed the brew button and wammo, I rediscovered my joy of coffee. Loved the fact I know when the beans are roasted. Keep up the good work Nick. "
Andy S.
Thanks for your great review Andy and love your set up - nice! Cheers, Nick - Roasted On
First time customer - 100% score on service and quality
"Tastes terrific! Packaging is soooooo good as was the delivery to Sydney."
John C.
5 star service, 5 star coffee, 5 star day
"Fast, fantastic service with a great sense of humour. Delicious coffee and a local product that makes the day brighter."
Sarah P.
Thanks for the great review Sarah - I'm thrilled to get my first 15 star review! - Roasted On
Where have you been all my life?!
"This granola is amazeballs! The crunchy roasted taste of sweetness and nuts make the perfect trail mix or an additional topping to my breaky. This is AMAZING!"
Ruth B.
Thanks Ruth, we’ve been right here waiting for you 😁 Glad you love it, appreciate your review! - Roasted On
Great coffee and even greater service!
"I'm a coffee lover and what I value the most is a good intense flavour plus an intoxicating smell ( in a good way of course!) Roasted On has it all and on top of it, the service is unbeatable! :)"
Maria N.
Many thanks for your review Maria - glad you like it! :) - Roasted On
Smooth coffee, personal service
"It’s surprisingly hard to find coffee that suits both mine and my wife’s taste and Nick has absolutely nailed it. The coffee has a robust flavour without being too strong and as an espresso is outstanding. If that wasn’t enough, Nick’s personal touch and great service is just another reason to keep coming back. Great coffee, great service, great work!"
Steve F.
Thanks for the great review Steve! - Roasted On
Saved by the coffee
"We were running out of Roasted On coffee rapidly and after my partner's sneaky attack (trying to get me to drink acidic unworthy supermarket coffee) I rapidly went online and ordered ONE KILO of coffee from Roasted On. It arrived shortly after - thanks to the rapid delivery system - and my partner and I are again on good terms. Thank you, Roasted On (and Nick)"
Ina S.
Thanks Ina! Glad everyone is talking to each other again :) - Roasted On
Damn fine coffee
"Special Agent Dale Cooper would approve of this damn fine coffee"
Hannah W.
Thanks Hannah! Some like it with milk. Others like it black as midnight on a moonless night. - Roasted On
Tasty granola
"My favourite breakfast cereal "
Silvana R.
Thanks Silvana - glad you're still enjoying it! - Roasted On
Great taste
"After returning to Australia from spending a few months in Canada with terrible drip coffee, the most exciting thing was to be able to drink this delicious coffee again every morning. Thanks for providing a great product and great service Nick! "
Sarah R.
Thanks for the review Sarah! - Roasted On
Fresh is best
"Outstanding Roasted On. Sooooooomuch better than others. Please keep the standard you have achieved."
Philip C.
Thanks for the review Philip! - Roasted On
Crunchy enlightenment
"My experience with this granola was a spiritual one - it changed me for the better, exceeded all expectations and time seemed to stand still while I was enjoying it. Well done on producing a product this good and refusing to take shortcuts on quality. Can’t wait for my next delivery!"
Eliza B.
I had noticed you were a better person after eating it. Thanks for your review Eliza! - Roasted On
Handcrafted Granola
"Delicious and healthy"
Andrea H.
Cannot stop eating it
"A scrumptious addition to an otherwise bland yogurt/supermarket-muesli combo for breakfast. And I have noticed that I actually do not feel hungry for a lot longer when I have Roasted On Granola! It is also perfect for an in-between meals snack. And if you are the active type - bring it as a long-run/ride snack in your vest/pocket."
Ina S.
Thanks for your review Ina! - Roasted On
An experience that you have to try to believe!
"Outstanding. Finally coffee im excited to wake up to in the mornings! Even Monday mornings arent so bad now...."
nusha k.
Thanks for the great review Nusha! Most appreciate it :) - Roasted On
Yummiest Ever!!!
"We’re very fussy about our breakfast cereals and usually spend way too much on products that boast delicious, fresh unprocessed ingredients. Well your product delivers (literally) a truly yummy granola that is full of high quality, locally sourced, unprocessed goodness. We go through it way too fast and eat it at any time of day in all sorts of ways including as a late night snack on ice-cream :o). knowing that we’ll have a fresh supply every month gives us a sense of abundance to enjoy. Well done Roasted On. Ps. hope you can keep up with the demand!"
Paula B.
Thanks for the great review Paula! Most appreciate it and doing our best to keep up with orders! - Roasted On
Can’t get enough of it!
"I like the packaging, easy to open, and with the clear window packaging, easy to see how much is left. We love the granola with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast but sometimes when we have last minute people for dinner, it’s a great dessert option too! I have also given the granola as a gift when we go to friends for a meal instead of taking the usual chocolates. "
Tina C.
Thanks for the review Tina! The granola certainly makes a great gift! - Roasted On
100% recommend
"Awesome products, really enjoyed both the coffee and granola. As a coffee lover I would 100% recommend the beans to everyone!"
Thanks for the review Austin, and thanks again for the great photos! - Roasted On
Too yummy
"After finding some Roasted On granola on a Treasure Hunt in the Belair National Park the kids and I all knew we needed more. We ordered some online and now I think we are going to have a problem as it seems like it is too yummy and I'm not sure if the bags I have will make it home, and if they do the kids will devour it all. Nom. Nom. Nom."
Thanks for the review Peter! I love that finding the product, in this case, was actually finding it in a park! - Roasted On
Awesome products!
"Thank you for your great tasting, healthy, fresh granola mix, we can’t get enough of it, and appreciate the days we can’t get to the market the ability to order online and have it delivered to our door. Keep up the great work and awesome product supply."
Thanks for your review Helen - really appreciate it! See you soon at the markets - Roasted On
Local Adelaide Hills gem
"This coffee is delicious and expertly roasted. I’m so glad we were made aware of this local Adelaide Hills gem - it’s been a complete game changer for our home coffee experience"
Thanks for the review Aja, most appreciated! - Roasted On
Amazing service and fantastic coffee
"I ordered Roasted On coffee beans at 10pm last night and it was waiting for me at my front door when I got home tonight! Amazing service and fantastic coffee. I can’t recommend Roasted On highly enough."
Thanks for the review Claire! Most appreciated - Roasted On
Made with love and without any fillers
"I came across Nick at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market on a Saturday and I bought 2 bags of their delicious handcrafted granola which we did online which was super easy and quick and then Nick delivered it to my home on the Monday. It is the most delicious granola I have ever tasted and you can tell it has been freshly roasted before they send it....filled with a combination of almonds, hazelnuts, pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, sultanas, shaved coconut, dried blueberries, dried cranberries, raisins and a sprinkling of rolled oats, golden syrup and ground cinnamon your taste buds will go wild with excitement and wanting more. Great for breakfast or just to snack on which I have been doing, it is particularly nice knowing that it has been made with love and without any fillers - I will definitely recommend you to others - thanks Nick"
Thanks for such a great review Julie! It’s definitely very snackable! - Roasted On
Roasted to perfection
"My favourite part of the day is a quiet morning with my coffee. So happy to have ordered Roasted On to try as the coffee is absolutely wonderful. The granola has a nice blend of fruit and nuts and is roasted to perfection. Service is top quality and delivery is quick!"
Thanks for the review Sarah, it’s most appreciated and glad you are enjoying the coffee and granola! - Roasted On
Coffee is awesome
"Discoverd you guys at Mt Pleasant farmers market. The coffee is awesome, perfectly roasted with a slightly earthy, well rounded flavour. Nice in my morning latte and great just neat in the arvo... The Granola is the bomb btw. Those roasted hazelnuts mate"
Hey Flex - thanks for the review man! - Roasted On
Definitely recommend
"I am a different person when I don’t get my good coffee first thing in the morning! Got a taste of roasted on coffee beans, made a cappuccino with 2 shots of espresso and it is a great drink to kick start my day. The coffee smells really good and it has this rich smooth flavour yet strong which I really like. I will definitely recommend this to my coffee addict friends and co-workers."
Thanks for your review Shiem! Glad you liked it! - Roasted On
Would definitely recommend
"It has a subtle aroma and has a kick which kept me awake and active for hours. Would definitely recommend it to friends who are coffee lovers."
Thanks Ren - hope you got plenty of work and play done thanks to the caffeine kick! Cheers, Nick - Roasted On