Australia's Freshest Granola & Coffee, Delivered Monthly.

There’s nothing worse than waking up and realising that you’ve run out of coffee. You pick up the bag, and there’s nothing in it! Then there are those mornings when you get back from the gym, and there’s nothing in the pantry for breakfast. You should never have to start your day this way. With a Roasted On subscription, you never will. When you sign up, you’ll save money, effort and time.

Are you worried about getting locked in, or that the subscription will be hard to cancel? Don’t be - we’ll send you an email 3 days before each shipment, and you can click a link to cancel. Or just reply to let us know. It’s easy for you to sign up and enjoy, as well as cancel if you change your mind.

Sick and tired of big companies and their stale, boring products? We stamp our roast dates right in the middle of our logo, and the coffee and granola are delivered super fresh.

Get Australia’s freshest granola and coffee on your doorstep, every month.


Premium Ingredients Only

Instead of loading our granola with cheap oats, we keep them to only 10% so there's more room for the good stuff. Hazelnuts and dried blueberries don't come cheap, but we're not here to mess around.  

Intense and Fresh

This is a traditional granola that is best spooned onto yogurt or fresh fruit. If no one's looking then you can snack on it after work. It's also freshly roasted just before we send it.

Why choose Roasted On Coffee?

We deliver fresh

Our beans are delivered to your door fresh. We stamp the roast date right in the middle of the logo. It's why we're called "Roasted On". There are no secrets.

We change it up

The beans aren't the same year in year out. We find beans we love, roast them, and then find some new ones we love. Join us on a tour of the coffee world.

We keep it real

We're upfront about the ethics of our coffee. It's a complicated, fascinating and murky world and we're not going to oversimplify it.

National Coffee Party

The Final Word On Coffee Freshness

Handling Coffee Ethics